Masu SushiMasu Sushi

specialty rolls

lotus 6 piece 15

tuna, crab and avocado tempura fried and finished with hana sauce and eel sauce

transformer 8 piece 15

softshell crab, cucumber, spicy tuna and avocado with spicy serrano dipping sauce

pearl 8 piece 15

shrimp tempura, avocado, and crab topped with spicy tuna and sweet chili sauce

the “holladay” 6 piece 15

hamachi, green onions, mint, cilantro and serrano pepper wrapped in mamenori served with special dipping sauce topped with peanuts (spicy)

nemo 8 piece 16

shrimp tempura, dungeness and avocado topped with whitefish and salmon finished with ponzu, green onions, toasted white sesame seeds and smoked bonito flakes

death by sushi 8 piece 15

salmon, unagi, crab, avocado and cream cheese rolled and fried then topped with masago, green onion, fantasy and eel sauce

japanista 8 piece 17

spicy crab, spicy tuna and kawaire with seared hamachi,?cilantro and red jalapeno on top served with our hana and ?sweet chili sauce

st. helen’s volcano 6 piece 13

whitefish, crab, scallops, shrimp and avocado baked with our volcano cream sauce, eel sauce and smoked bonito

more maki

caterpillar 9

kenzo  salmon, albacore, masago and shiso tatemaki style  11

squ’eel tempura fried 11

rowan’s rainbow 15

bobby lo tempura albacore, avocado and cucumber 9

tekka tuna 8

salmon 8

california 6

philly smoked salmon with cream cheese 8

spicy tuna 8

spider 12

salmon skin 9

shrimp tempura 10

eel 7

negi hama yellowtail with green onions 9

vegetarian sushi

assorted vegetarian sushi 11

8 pc veg roll, 2 pc avocado nigiri, 2 pc inari

green machine maki 8 piece 13

marinated OTA tofu tempura, asparagus and red pepper topped with avocado, micro greens and shiitake glaze

ume shiso maki plum paste with japanese mint 5

veggie maki cucumber, kawaire, avocado and gobo 5

avocado maki 4

kanpyo maki seasoned gourd 4

kappa maki cucumber 4

inari fried tofu 3.5

nigiri and sashimi

maguro tuna 5.5 / 19

hamachi yellowtail 6.5 / 21

bincho albacore 6 / 19

sake chinook 5 / 18

benizake sockeye 6 / 21

uni sea urchin 11

tai snapper 7 / 22

aji mackerel 7 /22

hirame fluke 6 / 21

saba pickled mackerel  5

unagi fresh water eel 5.5

anago sea eel 6

masago smelt roe 4.5

ikura salmon roe 7

tobiko flying fish roe 5

tako octopus 5.5

hotate  scallop  7

house smoked chinook 6

kani dungeness 8.5

ika squid 5

ebi cooked shrimp 5

ama ebi sweet shrimp 8

tamago sweet egg omelet 4.5

uzura quail egg 2

chef’s plates

assorted sushi 23

9pc chefs choice nigiri

daily sashimi mkt

9pc chefs choice

chirashi 25

chef’s choice sashimi and vegetables on a bowl of rice

omakase 50 / 80 per person