Masu SushiMasu Sushi

chilled artisan saké

We take great pride in our sake selection which is constantly changing based on seasons and availability

small bottles

shirayuki nama chozou +3 300ml bottle 12

pasteurized at bottling and stored live for a bright taste

kurosawa +2 300ml bottle 14

rich, slightly dry saké brewed in traditional style

hakutsuru junmai ginjo +2 300ml bottle 15

light floral aroma with clean, smooth and slightly dry flavor

fukucho “moon on the water” junmai ginjo +3 300ml bottle 21

very special ginjo from a female brewmaster and brewery owner (very rare). hints of fennel followed by cantaloup and a touch of spice

southern beauty junmai ginjo +1 300ml bottle 21

bright green apple and ripe cantaloupe flavor with an overall creamy texture. hand crafted by a small team of expert brewers in iwate

shi chi hon yari junmai ginjo +4 300ml bottle 21

crafted since 1540 it is one of the oldest and smallest saké breweries in japan. earthy aroma with fruity notes of melon and peach, it is named after the famous battle featuring seven samurai

bunraku yamahai +5 300ml bottle 19

brewed using traditional methods. this saké is smooth, earthy and slighty dry. go ahead and ask to keep the bottle, because you know you want to

kasumi tsuru yamahai ginjo +4 300ml bottle 21

yamahai style saké with soft fruit and a clean finish

large bottles and by the masu

“old school extra dry” kasumi tsuru kimoto extra dry +5 (65% polish) masu 8 1.8 l bottle 70

reminiscent of an earthy white wine this saké is brewed using old school methods that date back 500 years which includes singing brewing songs to keep rhythm! kimoto extra dry is an extremely well-crafted dry saké

yuho junmai +5 (60% polish) masu 9 1.8l bottle 80

owned and crafted by one of japan’s few woman saké brewery owners. miho used to sell “hot wheels” in tokyo, left the big city to own and brew rich saké in japan’s rural area of ishikawa. aged for 3 years prior to bottling which offers earthy, amazingly rich flavor. chef’s love yuho and how it works wth food

yuki no bosha junmai ginjo “limited release” +1 (50% polish) masu 11 1.8L bottle 100

exceptionally well balanced saké. slightly dry, slightly sweet. medium body

eiko fuji namazake junmai ginjo +3 (50% polish) masu 12 720ml bottle 56

very rare unpasteurized saké with a lively, elegant floral and fruity flavor. extremely pleasurable saké experience

oni koroshi junmai diaginjo +7 (50% polish) masu 13 720ml bottle 69 1.8L bottle 120

“demon slayer.” a saké with true japanese spirit, dry and full bodied

taiheikai “pacific ocean” tokubetsu junmai +2 (55% polish) 720ml bottle 45

where the sea hits the sand this junmai balances fruit and earth

yoshinogawa gokujo ginjo +7 (58% polish) 720ml bottle 45

this ginjo is very dry and smooth with hints of crisp fennel and fresh herbs

amakarapin junmai +1 (60% polish) 720ml bottle 50

“ama” means sweet and “kara” means dry. “pin” refers to the perfect tone of a string instrument. amakarapin is the perfect balance of sweet and dry flavor floating across the palate

yuho “happy rice” junmai ginjo +5 (55% polish) 720ml bottle 55

this ginjo is one of our most complex saké’ due to its subtle, quiet and expansive fruity flavor. this brewery is owned and operated by a woman who followed her passion to craft saké. the team of only four people have created a buzz across japan because of her story and the many awards they have won

watari bune junmai ginjo +4 (55% polish) 720ml bottle 55

pasteurized only once, this junmai ginjo is rich and lively with deep notes of honeydew and pineapple, offset by earthy flavors. crafted in ibaraki,japan—a saké lovers’ saké

chikurin karoyaka junmai ginjo “lightness” +3 (50% polish) 720ml bottle 55

this is an extremely smooth and lush saké with notes of cherries and champagne. a house favorite

divine droplets junmai daiginjo +3 (50% polish) 720ml bottle 75

divine droplets is hand-crafted in japan’s most northern island, hokkaido. each year this special saké is carefully “drip pressed” in an ice igloo outside the brewery to ensure the pristine, clean air. the flavor is slightly spicy with herbal notes…smooth and delicate

chokaisan junmai daiginjo +1 (50% polish) 720ml bottle 70

chokaisan is brewed with flower yeast. the flower yeast creates a beautiful floral aroma and an elegant, smooth very delicate saké experience. chokaisan is named after the famous mt. chokai in akita, brewed with pristine water. one of the most beautiful hand crafted saké in all of japan

ancient pillars junmai daiginjo +3 (35% polish) 720ml bottle 82

zesty and versatile with broad, silky smooth flavor. this hand-crafted daiginjo is polished to 35% of its original size, removing 65% of the outer part of each grain before brewing. delicate and amazing…leaving a memorable experience

yuki no bosha akita komachi daiginjo +2 (35% polish) 720ml bottle 80

akita komachi is a saké rice local to akita prefecture where this saké is crafted. upfront notes of white pepper that fade into dried apricot and melon

watari bune junmai daiginjo “liquid gold” +3 (35% polish) 720ml bottle 120

brewed with the rare watari bune saké rice. this saké is one of the most prized and rare junmai daiginjos in the world. watari bune is the father rice to yamada nishiki rice. deep, luscious and layered with fruit flavors characterized by honeydew and peaches

nigori style saké

hakutsuru sayuri nigori -5 (unpressed) masu 8 720ml bottle 32

sweet and creamy revealing light tropical flavors

rihaku dreamy clouds +3 300 ml bottle 16

unlike other nigori this has a dryer flavor with a slight nutty and light friuty taste. it is a ginjo nigori offering an elegant experience

hana hou hou shu semi-sweet sparkling 300 ml bottle 19

a festive and flavorful saké with rose and hybiscus. great for special occasions