Masu SushiMasu Sushi


seaweed + cucumber – wakame, kombu, and tosaka in yuzu vinaigrette  9  add dungeness  6

kale salad – shaved carrot, nori, avocado with sesame miso dressing  9

gyoza – pan fried chicken and negi dumplings, chili oil  9

karaage – lightly battered fried chicken in house seasoning, lemon, maldon  10

gomaae – grilled seasonal vegetables, miso sesame sauce  9

calamari – garlic, serrano, shottsuru, cucumber topped with shaved onion and cilantro  13

tempura – seasonal vegetables, dipping broth  9  add shrimp  2 each

fried rice* – kimchi, pork belly, over easy farm egg, togarashi  16

miso ramen* – soft egg, shiitake, negi, black garlic oil  12  add pork belly  4

crispy mackerel – grilled saba, daikon, ponzu  13

black cod – alder wood smoked in house, seikyo vinegar and miso, pickled ginger blossom  22



edamame  2

miso soup – with green onion, tofu, and wakame  3

kimchi – japanese style spicy pickled cabbage  5

tsukemono – assorted japanese pickles  8

agedashi tofu – with sweet dashi broth, green onion, katsuobushi  8

miso eggplant – fried crispy, tossed in sweet miso sauce, topped with green onions  7

shishitos – fried peppers with sweet savory sauce, katsuobushi, sesame seeds  8


*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness