Masu SushiMasu Sushi

lunch & dinner



sea vegetables wakame, konbu and tosaka in yuzu-vinaigrette   6

dungeness sunomono with pickled fennel, sunchokes and tosa-zu   9

kale and brussel sprouts salad with sesame-miso dressing   7

tsukemono  assorted house pickles   8

zaru soba with pickled carrots and ginger   11     with shrimp   15

kinpira gobo  burdock with sweet sesame soy   4




miso soup   2

japanese miso-eggplant flash fried and dressed with kyoto miso     5

fried tofu mousse with gobo, shiitake mushrooms and carrot in rich dashi broth   8

daily vegetable tempura   6

chicken gyoza with garlic and scallion   9

calamari sautéed in garlic, serrano and shottsuru topped with cilantro salad    9

crispy mackerel alongside grated daikon and ponzu    9

house kimchi fried rice with a farm fresh over easy egg   13

korean-style cross cut shortribs with cucumber sunomono   13

painted hills shortrib oden with a marinated egg, daikon and mustard   14

smoked black cod with saikyo vinegar and pickled ginger blossom   15

buri daikon braised in a sweet soy reduction with daikon   9