Masu SushiMasu Sushi

What are we doing to keep you safe? 

Here at Masu Sushi, your safety is our highest priority. With our dining room reopening, we are enforcing the use of masks and gloves where recommended by the cdc. We are operating at half capacity with ample space between guests and minimizing the number of staff that visit your table. Check presenters, menus, pens, and anything touched is sanitized between uses. We keep the air circulated and fresh, and we keep the same strict cleanliness standards as always when it comes to food handling and sanitizing restaurant surfaces. We are also implementing contact-free pickup, setting orders out for guests and collecting payment remotely whenever possible. Our social distancing measures go beyond the restaurant, as that is the only way for this to truly work. Our staff is being very careful for each other’s safety and for yours.

Why are we open? 

At a time when both a sense of social responsibility and loss of demand have led many restaurants to close their doors, we have chosen to stay open. Why? The short answer is our employees. While we have done our best to inform everyone on our staff of the risks of coming to work, there are laws in place that prevent much of the restaurant industry’s work force from receiving government aid if they don’t (google “immigrant wealth test”). In addition to not all workers being eligible for unemployment benefits DESPITE being legal, tax-paying residents, they may not be included in any government relief package. Closing our doors would be ideal if we could guarantee they would not seek work in a more dangerous environment, but this is unrealistic for many and instead would look more like abandonment than protection. If they must work somewhere in order to support themselves and their families, the best we can do is provide a safe, clean environment for them. Furthermore, we are thinking of our guests at home. Some of you have been cooped up for months and are eager to get out. Some of your workloads have grown to cover those who have been laid off, or are still putting in work from home, some are now homeschool teachers and full time caregivers, and some are just bored and stressed out. Not everyone has the time or energy to cook every meal. If we can provide a break in routine, that’s an added bonus. If that order keeps one more person out of a crowded grocery store, even better.   

We are a small local business and we are doing our best to keep ourselves and our employees afloat and we will continue to support them as long as we are able. We hope enough people rally behind Portland’s restaurants and ALL their employees to help us bounce back when this is over. We thank you for your understanding and support during this time of uncertainty.